Public Records

The Town of Wake Forest is committed to upholding both the letter and the spirit of North Carolina's public records laws, which include but are not limited to North Carolina General Statutes chapters 132 and 160A-168.

Reviewing a Public Record

You may access a great number of Town of Wake Forest public records at your convenience via this Web site by using the Search feature.

If you can't find what you're looking for, use our Public Records Request Form to share exactly what you're looking for. Please be as specific as possible by including the date, title, and/or topic of the records you're interested in reviewing. Also, be sure to specify how quickly you're hoping to be able to review the records, and our staff will make every reasonable effort to accommodate you.

A Note About Emails

Local governments in Wake County, including the Town of Wake Forest, now have the authority to deny requests for copies of subscriber email lists. Passed by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2010, House Bill 1921 states that email address lists are open to public inspection for those who want to come to Town Hall to see them but are no longer required to be provided.

The law also states that governments may only use the lists for the purpose for which the citizen subscribed to them or for emergency communications.


Public Records
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