Solid Waste Program improvements coming in January 2021


Solid Waste Fee

In June, the Wake Forest Board of Commissioners voted to change how the Town charges for solid waste collection. Since 2008 Wake Forest property owners have paid for solid waste service as part of their annual property tax bill. Beginning January 1, 2021, the service will no longer be covered solely by annual tax revenues, but instead by a $21 monthly solid waste fee included on residents’ water bill. The monthly fee includes weekly trash, recycling and yard waste collection, along with seasonal collections for loose leaves, Christmas trees, bulk waste pickup and large brush collection.

Improvements to yard waste and bulk waste collection (described below) will also begin in January. The Town has created a portal on its website that provides a complete overview of program improvements, including answers to several frequently asked questions.


Yard Waste Collection

The following improvements to the Town's yard waste collection program will begin in January 2021:

  • The weekly bag limit of yard waste will increase from 10 bags to 20 bags.

  • The limit of large brush will increase from four to eight cubic yards (that’s about two pickup truck loads).

  • Large brush collections must be scheduled in advance via an online form on the Town’s website similar to the scheduling of bulk waste collections. Any yard waste that does not fit into bags or yard waste containers is considered “large brush” and must be scheduled in advance.

Residents in single-family and townhome communities not previously receiving yard waste service will receive service beginning in January.

Residents that contract with a landscaping company are responsible for coordinating with their contractor to ensure that any yard waste is placed in clear plastic bags, Town-provided carts or biodegradable paper bags for collection. Yard waste must be placed in front of individual homes, not in front of common areas or open space.


Bulk Waste Collection

Beginning in January 2021, bulk waste items of any weight will be collected — so items no longer need to meet a 75 lb. minimum requirement. Bulk waste is simply any acceptable trash that does not fit into your rollout cart, such as furniture, appliances, rugs and lawn mowers.

Bulk waste pickups must be scheduled online. Residents can schedule up to two free bulk waste collections per year. After that, collections are billed at $50 each.

Stay tuned because you'll be hearing much more about these improvements over the next several months.