2018 Comprehensive Transportation Plan

Transportation Plan public meetings set for May 23
The Town of Wake Forest will offer area residents two opportunities to share their transportation-related issues and concerns on Wednesday, May 23. As part of the process of developing the 2018 Comprehensive Transportation Plan, the Town will host back-to-back public meetings at the Wake Forest Historical Museum, 414 N. Main St. Scheduled from 4-5:30 p.m. and 5:30-7 p.m., the two sessions will have identical formats, so area residents have the option of attending at the time they prefer. More>>

2018 Comprehensive Transportation Plan Survey now available
The Town of Wake Forest is in the process of developing a “Comprehensive Transportation Plan” to address all modes of transportation, including driving, walking, biking and transit. As part of that effort, the Town is conducting an online survey to gather input from area residents to help direct transportation planning efforts. The survey is available online from now through Thursday, May 31, and takes approximately five minutes to complete.

2018 Comprehensive Transportation Plan Overview
The Wake Forest Comprehensive Transportation Plan will accomplish several objectives and innovations in 2018, with final adoption planned for March 2019:

  • Consolidate and update four major planning documents that cover transportation, greenways, walking, and biking.

  • Create a new type of accessible plan that is designed to be read and explored, including interactive on-line content.

  • Develop concept designs for "hot spots" around town.

  • Revisit key policies embedded in the Town's ordinance; state-level initiatives; and acknowledge the impact of technology on how we move in, to, and around Wake Forest.

Project Timeline

  • February 2018 - collect data, form steering committee, review existing / past plans, launch website

  • March 2018 - first project symposium, complete first survey, begin existing conditions + directions report

  • June 2018 - complete existing conditions + directions report, develop preliminary recommendations

  • August 2018 - present draft concepts at second symposium, launch second survey, results will help guide refinements

  • March 2019 - finalize draft; prepare and present final report to Town Commissioners for adoption

The Forum
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Health & Walking
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Completing the Street
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Comprehensive Transportation Planning Committee

  • Mayor Vivian Jones

  • Commissioner Anne Reeve

  • Ray Boylston, Heritage

  • Alan Gibson, Heritage HOA

  • Ellen Turco, Historic District Commission

  • Brad Walker, Holding Village

  • Deanna Welker, Greenway Advisory Board

  • Mark Marley, Traditions

  • Scott Poole, Downtown, Inc.

  • Colleen Sharpe, Planning Board

  • Subir Mukherjee, West Wake Forest

  • Al Merritt, East End

  • Zee Khan, Technology Advisory Board 

  • Karen Mallo, St. Ives