The Town's Administration is responsible for the general management of all municipal functions. This department includes the Town Manager, Deputy Town Manager, and Town Clerk/Administrative Assistant.

The Town Clerk is appointed by the Board of Commissioners as per N. C. G. S. 160A-71. The mission of the Town Clerk's office is to prepare and maintain complete and accurate records of the Board of Commissioners proceedings, to serve as the official custodian of all permanent records including minutes, resolutions, ordinances, contracts, agreements, deed and easements and various other documents, provide staff support to the Mayor, Board of Commissioners and disseminate information and assistance to the citizens and other entities as well as the news media.   


Name Title Phone
Kip Padgett Town Manager 919-435-9411
Vacant Deputy Town Manager 919-435-9412
Deeda Harris  Town Clerk 919-435-9410
Eric Vernon Town Attorney 919-781-4000