Flaherty Dog Park

Flaherty Dog Park
1100 N. White St.
Phone: 919-435-9560

Flaherty Dog Park provides a place for dog owners to let their pets run free safely and legally without a leash. Located at 1100 N. White St., the park is approximately two acres in size and is located adjacent to the Flaherty Park baseball and softball fields.

Hours of Operation

  • Dawn to dusk


  • Access to the dog park is free. 

Dog Park Features

  • Five-foot high chain link fence, paved entrance and double gated entry
  • Grass cover
  • Picnic tables
  • Water stations
  • Posted rules of conduct
  • Pet cleanup stations

Pet Owners - Please Note the Following

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all Town facilities
  • Smoking is limited to parking areas
  • In order to ensure the health and safety of park maintenance staff, the park will be closed for approximately 30 minutes weekday mornings between 8 am - 10 am while crews clean pet waste stations and empty trash receptacles.
  • During grass-cutting season, crews will cut the grass at Flaherty Dog Park on Monday mornings. The facility will be closed during this time but in most instances will re-open by noon.

Community Benefits

  • Socializes and exercises dogs in a safe environment
  • Promotes responsible pet ownership
  • Provides elderly and disabled owners with an accessible place to exercise their companions
  • Enables dogs to legally run off-leash
  • Promotes public health and safety
  • Provides a tool for realistic enforcement of dog control laws

For More Information

  • Call 919-435-9560 (between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
  • Emergencies: call 911

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