Wake Forest Bus Service

Transit service began in Wake Forest in July 2008 giving residents the opportunity to ride a weekday rush-hour express from Wake Forest to downtown Raleigh and use a local circulator service that serves the town and provides access to grocery stores, shopping, and other services. The two new routes are the result of a partnership between the Town of Wake Forest, Triangle Transit, and the City of Raleigh.

Both the express route and the local circulator route are operated by CAT - Capital Area Transit.

Wake Forest-Raleigh Express
The Wake Forest-Raleigh Express serves a Park and Ride Lot (located at the intersection of White Street and Elm Avenue) in Wake Forest, the Triangle Town Center Park-and-Ride at Orvis, State Government, and the Moore Square Transit Station during rush hour. During the midday, service is only provided between downtown Wake Forest and Triangle Town Center with timed transfers to CAT Route 1 throughout the day.

The Wake Forest-Raleigh Express fare is $2.50 each way in rush hours and $2 each way in midday. Discounted 30-day passes are available online at www.GoTriangle.org.

Accessible Raleigh Transportation Program (ART)  
If you are a Wake Forest resident with a physical or mental disability that makes it impossible to drive a car and/or use Wake Forest Bus Service, you may qualify for the Accessible Raleigh Transportation Program (ART). This program provides subsidized curb-to-curb transportation service through participating contractors. The program in Wake Forest is administered by the City of Raleigh and funded by the Town of Wake Forest.

For more information, call 919-435-9441 or click here

Wake Forest Loop
The Wake Forest Loop is a local circulator for residents wanting to travel within Wake Forest and a portion of the Wakefield community. The Wake Forest Loop serves the Park and Ride at White Street and Elm Avenue for those riders wanting to connect with the Wake Forest-Raleigh Express in rush hours and with Triangle Town Center in midday. The Wake Forest Loop is currently fare free.

In addition to the local route, ADA Paratransit (door to door service) is provided for eligible persons with disabilities whose trips originate within 3/4 miles of the Wake Forest Loop and end within the service areas of Triangle Transit and the City of Raleigh. 

Route Brochures

Full schedules for routes are available for download and at the Wake Forest Town Hall. Please note there is no Wake Forest Saturday or Sunday service.

As an alternative to driving to and from work, riding the bus offers many advantages. And today’s soaring gas prices make the bus a better way to get there. Just a few of the benefits include:

  • flexible schedules
  • low cost
  • reduced wear and tear, and maintenance, on your personal vehicle
  • the opportunity to get work done during your commute, or read the paper - or just relax!
  • reduced emissions, cleaner air